Re: Looking for Real Given Name of "Lina" -THANK YOU! #germany

Peter V <pvan@...>

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Dear Genners,

Your response has been overwhelming in such a short time. I'm always
amazed at the amount of support that you responders invariably provide.
For those of you that I didn't thank individually, I want to say, "Thank
You" now. And for those of you to whom I did reply, thanks again.
A final tally of your replies indicates that, while Lina could very well
be her given name, if not, then the second choice is Karolina/Carolina,
then Paulina, Zerlina and many many more alternatives.
Ironically, my aunt Liesel's birth certificate shows that her given name
was....Lina. Thanks again,

Pete Vanlaw Studio City, California pthevan25@...

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