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On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 02:06:39 UTC, stevsta@... (Stephen G.
Esrati) opined:

No. You should contace post office. All ZIP codes starting with 330 were
changed some years back to five-digit ZIP codes. But if you go to and punch in Mr. Schwartz's address. you will get a correct
ZIP code.
David got the suspect postal code >from the SSDI. The entries there do not
give complete addresses, only postal codes. If he had the complete
address, he probably wouldn't even have noticed that there was a postal
code, because he wouldn't need it. To tell him how to get >from the address
to the right postal code is to invoke Catch-22.

David Simon Bendory wrote:

I found a relative in SSDI, but the zip code is rather odd. If you
lookup Abe SCHWARTZ (135-22-0833), his zip code at death is 33003 --
which is not a legitimate zip code.

Has anyone experienced this before? Will contacting the SSA get me
corrected information?

The record can be viewed here (you may have to cut and paste as this
is a multi-line url):

Thanks in advance!

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