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Udi Cain

Thank you Michael for sharpening the issue of the problematic connection of
Levis' and Kohanim, in the suggestions made by "Otzar Roshei Teivot".

You also wrote:
The question of how the surname SEGAL came to be associated with Levites,
remains unsolved.

Since we know of many SEGALs' who know that they are Levis', and since we
know of that surname after 1070 CE (it could have appeared much earlier,
but I don't have any proof for that), when the temple was only a virtual
remains in the hopes for the coming of the messiah and liberation, we can
quiet safely say that the Kohanim and Leviyim who were on charge of the
rituals of the temple, were now (and are until today)kept on "stand by",
until the new temple will be built, and functioned, psychologically, as
part of the hope...

The Hebrew word seggel means: staff / personal / suite / corpus / corps

In the ancient life of Israel, one could have found "seggel" either in the
ancient Israeli army, the Israeli king's court, or the Levis' who were the
"seggel" of the temple.
The Diaspora left the people of Israel with no army, nor king.
But the Levis' were there, and still are, kept as a remembrance of the
desirable ancient life and for the future temple, they are the only corps
"seggel", left for the Jewish people of the Diaspora...
So I suggest: Seggel Leviyim, or in short "SEGAL".

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Jerusalem

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