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To all Levites, not specifically those whose snipped messages appear

The Levites had another job in the Temple, and that was guarding with
the Cohanim. I believe that there were three posts, and guarding was only
done at night. This was not done to ward off attackers. Just as kings
have guards in their palaces, placed as show pieces, so too, the Temple
had a guard for show. I doubt, however, that anyone watched the changing
of the guard. Rabbis have asked why, if the guards were only for show,
shouldn't they have been on duty during the day also? For the answer to
this, you'll have to consult a Talmudic authority, which I am not.

So, if you are a Levite, can't play a musical instrument, and can't
sing, you may come >from a family that were guards.

Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel

The origins of the name LEVI is after Levi, one of the 12 sons of
Jacob etc. . . . The Levites . . . used to sing the daily Psalms and
play musical instruments.
==Yes, indeed, I am a Levite myself and though I never learned to play
an instrument, I have in the past publicly sung the praises to the
Almighty as a cantor, and still do so occasionally as an aging layperson.

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