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Mary B

I suppose I just want confirmation of the fact that an ancestor with the
Hebrew name of Israel could be the same person as one with the given
name of Izidor. >from what I've gleaned >from the internet it seems that
Izidor is actually a Greek name. So is it likely/probable a Jewish male
named Israel >from Slovakia born in 1875 would have used Izidor as his
secular name?

Mary Blumenstein
Melbourne, Australia

Researching: BAUM/Svidnik, Satoraljaujhely, Hungary. BERNER/KATZ/
Kvakovce,Michalovce, Slovakia

MODERATOR NOTE: While Izidor is not found in the Discussion Group
Archives, the spelling Isadore is. If you search for it at
<> ,
you'll find a previous thread (Re: Isadore), as well as other messages
that discuss the name. >from this same search you will also see a
6 Jul 2003 post >from Michael Bernet that is a good general treatment
of given names; Isadore is included as an example.

The JewishGen FAQ and InfoFiles also have important information
about Jewish names. Go to <> and look
under the "Learn" heading.

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