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Just like the guilds which started to appear during the Medieval, the
Jewish "guilds" were of tailors [the importance of the Jewish tailors
Because of the prohibition of sha'atnez (mixing incompatible threads -
wool and linen), special strictness had to be observed].
The "guild" of the Levis, was actually a virtual guild, people who kept
the tradition of being Levis, and got ready to serve in the new coming
temple, right after the entry of the Messiah.
The Messiah was on his way, and almost appeared in gaps of about hundred
years, but it turned to be fake, or better, none.
The crusaders made a lot of harm to the Jewish communities of Europe, but
from the other hand the desire and belief that the Messiah is coming
soon, increased...
So the Levies started getting ready and called their "guild" SEGAL.
.... because they were all Levites, of course.

The Hebrew root Samakh Gimel Lamed is expressed in many words
(seventeen entries, even in the one-volume Even-Shoshan dictionary),
and not in all cases is it easy to see the common thread. Most of
these lexical possibilities have by now been proposed in this
discussion, although a prominent exception is the meaning "a
triangular arrangement of three dots, used as a vowel indication below
Hebrew consonants in an auxiliary writing system of medieval
invention". It is only a matter of time until somebody mentions a
three-dot birthmark on the cheek or forehead of Aharon haKohen,
progenitor of all the Levites.

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