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Udi Cain

Michael Bernet, New York MBernet@... asked:

The founder of modern Zionism, Theodor HERZL, is known in Israel by his
Hebrew name, Binyamin Ze`ev.

Does anyone know whether that Hebrew name comes >from records or documents,
or whether the name was "imposed" on him, in his lifetime or after his

There is no obvious connection between Theodor and Binyamin (or Ze'ev,
which is a kinnuy for Binyamin). Moreover, double-Hebrew names, such as
Binyamin Ze`ev, had long been out of fashion in Eastern Europe (Herzl was
born in Budapest, into a very assimilated family in 1860), and he would
likely have had the Yiddish kinnuy, Wolf, and perhaps a German name like
Wilhelm or Walter to go with the Wolf.

Does anyone know how the Binyamin Ze'ev name became known to us?

=If it is for any help:
*Theodor Herzel's maternal uncle was: Wilhelm Diamant.
*German was indeed the language that prevailed in Herzl's parental home
(not Yiddish).
*His mother sought to educate him in the spirit of the German-Jewish
"Enlightenment" of the period.
*Herzel's only grandson, the son of Herzel's daughter, Trude, was named
after him, Stephan Theodor Newman (changed his surname to Norman) 1918-1946.

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Jerusalem

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