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Udi Cain

Michael Bernet, of New York wrote:

a little correction is in place. There is no direct connection between
Israel and Izidor (or the more common spellings Isidor[e] and Isador).
One is a Hebrew Biblical name and means "Prevailed in a struggle with God"
and the other is a Greek name meaning "Gift of the Egyprian god Isis."

Actually there is another possible connection:
Up until 1894, Pharaoh Mernephteh was considered the Pharaoh during whose
reign the Exodus >from Egypt occurred. It was in that year that the
Mernephteh stele was found; the inscription >from 1208 BC tells about
Pharaoh Mernephteh in Libya and Canaan *taking care of* its inhabitants.
It would appear that Israelites already inhabited Canaan then, since the
stele states that he brought ruin on the Israelites...

This is the first written evidence of the name "Yisrael" (although in
multiple form), and although it is a Semitic name, its first appearance in
Egyptian source makes me wonder about a possible indirect connection
between the names...

Best regards,
Udi Cain, Jerusalem

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