Information about DANKERT - SALINGRE - ZIFFER #germany

Judith E. Lipmanson <jel@...>

Thanks for the assistance I received >from respondents to my inquiry of
last week about Auguste and Alfons SALINGRE. I now have additional
information and am asking to hear >from anyone who is familiar with any
of the following three individuals, their families, or their descendants:

1 - Ruth DANKERT (nee SALINGRE), adopted daughter of Alfons and Auguste
SALINGRE. (Alfons died in 1938, Berlin; Auguste was deported in 1941 to
Theresienstadt, and survived. Her address at time of deportation was
Freiligrathstrasse 7, Berlin-Kreuzberg.)

2 - Hermann DANKERT, Ruth's husband. Hermann, a gentile, married Ruth
Salingre in Berlin sometime before 1938. The last known address of this
couple (probably post-war): Ebereschenallee 60, Berlin-Neuwestend.

3 - Max (Moritz) ZIFFER - deported 31 Aug 1942 >from Freiligrathstrasse
7, Berlin-Kreuzberg - died in Theresienstadt 12 Sep 1942. Max was born
23 Sept 1872 in Sohrau / Silesia. There is a Stolperstein in front of
Freiligrathstrasse 7 in memory of Max, but there is no Page of Testimony
for him in the Yad Vashem database.

If any of these names sound familiar to you, please contact me privately.

Thank you, Judith E. Lipmanson, Smyrna, Delaware USA

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