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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Following the posting of Mr. Glikman >from Buenos Aires
I visited the Auschwitz Archive in it's Polish form(I
left Poland at the age of 9).
Hereby are my remarks:
The site contains only 69,000 names so the chances to
find a relative are relatively slim.However I was
lucky to find Hermann Koenigsbuch only after I typed
Konigsbuch(without umlaut or e).I also found the
brother of my father in law(Josef Apotheker).
For unknown reason the the search program responds
only to the German version of the place of birth or
residence.So if you type Krakow nothing will come
out.But if you type Krakau then it will respond.Only
if there is no German name to the place the local
name such as Bardejov or Brzesko or Niepolomice can be
All in all type just the surname and your chances
are better.
Good Luck
Jacob Rosen

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