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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Following my previous posting and the responsa from
the Genners I would like to add more info.But first of
all I would like to apologize to Mr. Carlos Glikson
from Buenos Aires. I spelled his name as
Glikman,something which Genners should avoid at any
price. Sorrrrry.

The translation of:Blad palaczenia z baza danych
is:error in contacting the database.

The translation of :prosimy spruwowac ponowie za
chwile is:please try again in a moment.

As far as German names of Polish locations I would
recommend a partial solution. Enter
It gives the
names places about which Yizkor books were published.

The case of Tsans or Nowy Sac is fascinating.

I would also recommend,in view of the limited list of
names on line,in case that the spelling of the
surname is not clear, to type just the name of
birth(urodzenia) or residence(mieszkania).This may
yield more results,if at all.

About other technical problems in case of too much
data-I still have to study it. Hopefully,younger and
more technical Genners will learn it quicker and share
it with us all.

Jacob Rosen

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