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Dolph Klein <kledolph@...>


Passenger manifests were prepared in advance to the
sailing schedule and used to record the arrival
of each passenger at the gangway. Look carefully
and you will see a thin line drawn through Jankel's
first manifest. He did not show up and sailed instead
on the SS Barcelona eight days later. The nice feature
about the EIDB database unlike NARA's, is that all
names are indexed whether or not the passenger was
on board. Occasionally, you will see the annotation,
N.O.B., written in addition to or absence of the
cross-out line.

I had a funny experience when I saw a line drawn
through my cousin's manifest and thought she had
missed the ship. It turned out that the line
was actually a scratch on the microfilm.

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC

From: Cindy Gallard <>

Can anyone offer me any insights into the following
very puzzling information I discovered on EIDB?

I found a Jankel Rothblat and a Jankel Rotblatt both of
whom arrived in NY eight days apart on August 25, 1906
aboard the SS Americk and September 2, 1906 aboard the
SS Barcelona. Both were 28 years old,the occupation of
both was listed as joiner, both were married, both were
joining their brother-in-law Jankel Berliner at the same
address and both were >from Pultusk. If they were the
same person and he was not allowed entry the first time
there is no way he could have gone all the way back
to Hamburg and returned in eight days. How likely could
it be that they were twins with the same given name?

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