JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen How do I find proof of my friend's jewishness? #general

kristine petersen <kristyp16@...>

How do I find a prove of my friends jewishness ?

My jewish friend is >from a muslim country and hes trying to find his
jewish mother.

His mother is name is Xemina or Ximina Goldstein. She's born in Bolivia
and she die in Bangladesh.

She had married a muslim man and she had kept her jewishness in secret
until she born a baby and that is my friend. Xemina had worked as
Socialworker in Bangladesh so it's how she met my friend's father.

When his husband find out she's jewish he had let him divorce >from her and
he had kept the baby maybe kidnap the baby or stole the baby (that's what
ny friend think).

Xemina is born in Bolivia and dead in Bangladesh. Where should we search
for her and what is best to do ?

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