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Barbara <bellman19@...>

Hi genners,

I've made much headway with my HASSMAN family thanks to the
records now on JRI-Poland for Drohobycz, but have a issue with
my grandmother's age.

On the manifest for the family's immigration, she was shown as
age 9. On viewing the index on JRI, her age should have been
12. All ages for the other family members is accurate.
Throughout her life in the US, she used the age based on the age
shown on the manifest.

I've been searching to find out if the younger age could have
affected the cost of her passage, but haven't found anything
specific. One site used the age of 8 as the cut off for
children's passage rates, most do not provide information on
children's passage rates.

Any suggestions or information on children's passage rates would
be appreciated.

Barbara Ellman
Secaucus, NJ US

Minkovsty, Ukraine- ELLMAN, MAIDMAN, COIRA
Ulanow, Poland - KAGLE, FASS, SALAMAN
Ivano-Frankovo (Janow)Ukraine- GOLDSTEIN, HIRSCHHORN

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