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Carlos Glikson

Elsebeth Paikin asked for any and all information about LEMOS's / DE
LEMOS's in any country.

In relative terms, it is not a rare last name in Argentina and probably
still more frequent in % of the population in Spain (Italian immigration
was greater than Spanish immigration in Argentina). At any rate, and as a
measure of how common or not the last name is here, a search in my white
pages CD for LEMOS gives 2004 different phones for LEMOS's / DE LEMOS's -
some individuals will be listed with more than one phone.

The use of DE associated to the last name is limited in Argentina.
Succesive generations of present LEMOS/ former DE LEMOS may have dropped
it, as it happens with other last names originally linked to the word DE
indicating origin or pertenence. In some families of Spanish origin the DE
is associated to original nobility.

The DE forming part of the last name as a separate word (both for men and
women) must not be confused with other use of the same word:

You may find the word "de", normally beginning with a lower case "d",
between maiden name and married name when both last names are used. It can
also be used preceding the married name when a married lady only uses her
husband's last name. In both cases, the word "de" is not a part of the last

Forgetting the JewishGen rule to post all last names in capital letters, a
listing including a woman named Ana De Lemos may indicate a maiden lady,
her maiden name being De Lemos.

A lady mentioned as Ana S. de Lemos will probably be a married lady,
married to a Mr. Lemos (no "De", no "de"). The S. may be the initial of a
middle name, or the initial of her maiden name.

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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