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Rony <golanron@...>

In the research that I did on the missing identity of Hildegard DONDORF, I
found out, that although most of the vital records about the family
indicated the religion as "Kath."(olisch), a *swastika* was added near
the names.

This may have indicated the fact, that the family was in fact Jewish, and
the swastika was added by the Nazis.

Did any of you encountered this phenomenon ?

Rony Golan
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

I am full of silly questions please help me.
Below is a question sent to me in an e-mail. It never occurred to me to
even ask myself. It was a fact. But how did they know? I am sure others
may be interested as well.
Below is the question
[How did the Nazis know which people were Jewish? Were Jews already

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