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Eliagil Roos <eliagil.roos@...>

Dear genners,

ViewMate has agreed to extend my posting vm2781 for another week.

I hope somebody will be able to decipher what is written
in Occidental Yiddish on the enveloppe painted in this
pseudo collage in praise of rabbi David DISPECK (1715 - 1793).
On the left side can be seen part of the Shir Hamaaloth sung
before the Birkat hamazon (Psalm 126)

This Mizrach is the work of Joel BAIERSDORF, one of rabbi
David 's grandsons. Does somebody exactly know who he was ?
The places of Diespeck and Baiersdorf are in Franconia, Bavaria.

The file is up on the ViewMate site :
in the "To View" section - as file vm2781 -

respond privately please to eliagil.roos@...

shalom to all and good luck

Eliane Roos Schuhl, Paris

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