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Steven Ellner <stevenellner@...>

I am fortunate to have access to about 20 photographs (portraits) of
relations taken mostly in Slovakia or Hungary, circa 1870's. We don't even
know who half the people are in the photos.

Are photos of this type somewhat commonplace among researchers, or should I
consider them rarities? There is a lot of printed "advertising" on the
photos (see below). Given that I have little information, are these worth
translating >from Hungarian?

All these photographs have some common features- They are all the same size
(roughly playing card size) .They are all printed on heavy stock (paper or
cardboard). On the reverse of the photos, they all seem to have print
advertising the photographing firm (as far as I can tell, generally the
name and city or cities of the photographer or firm) and list the awards
won by the photographer. (The awards show years the were awarded, 1860's or
1870's). However, they seem as to have been taken at different times, in
different cities and by different firms. One is >from Siebenburgen Germany.

I'm wondering if other folks have found these types of photos helpful in
their research.

Steven Ellner (JGFF #23340)

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