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Rose Feldman wrote: >Two weeks ago I tried the
website for the Diaspora Museum,which has a partial collection
of LDS microfische. And yesterday I received the Copies of the
specific Akt by registered mail! Now you can be envious of
us. We can get some of them by mail!>

Actually, the Diaspora Museum is in danger of closing down
quite soon, unless somebody bails them out of their
financial crisis. If anyone wants to access their materials,
they better get on the stick!

This is why I took the opportunity to visit there a week ago.
Though one technically pays 7 shekels for 15 minutes of
searching the databases at the Douglas E. Goldman Genealogy
Center, once the woman saw I was an avid genealogist, she
let me surf to my heart's content at no extra charge. She
also urged me to send in my gedcom and told me how to do so.

Varda Epstein

Varda Epstein

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