There is still time to say "thanks" to GerSIG in a needed and meaningful way #germany

JewishGen German Research Division Coordinator

GerSIG is still in need of financial contributions >from members and friends.

Many thanks to the GerSIG members who've contributed to the 2011
GerSIG *** Speakers Fund *** and reported their donations to us.
You have brought us almost half way to our goal in just one week!

When we reach that goal, we will be able to confirm and announce a
prominent and fascinating guest speaker for the DC 2011 GerSIG Luncheon.
Please, send a contribution and help make this possible.
(If you sent a donation to the Speakers Fund recently but didn't advise
us by email please do let us know.)

We appreciate the donations of those members who support the GerSIG
"General" (Research) Fund with regular contributions.
While GerSIG General (Research) Fund contributions are always appreciated,
that fund is *** not *** in need of further donations at this time.

Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to cover the full cost of our ambitious
program for the 2011Washington DC Conference with money >from the General fund.

The "GerSIG Speakers Bureau" fund:

is seeking donations (minimum amount $10) >from all subscribers to help
support the Conference program. (Donations of $100 and up will entitle
you to JewishGen's "Value Added Benefits"
GerSIG will recognize all "Speakers Fund" donors
at a special event in Washington.

Please use the ultra-secure web form to help with a donation via
credit card. *** Be sure to enter the amount in the "Speakers Bureau"
box. *** You will need your JewishGen Researcher ID code to complete
the process.

And please let us know about all GerSIG contributions by email to

If you prefer to send a check, be sure to mark the front of the check
"GerSIG Speakers Bureau" and make and mail it to:
JewishGen, Inc.
36 Battery Place
New York, NY 10280

Many thanks in advance! GerSIG Moderator 1

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