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Jonathan Goldmacher <jgoldmacher@...>

They still could have been first cousins if he were the son of DROZDOWITZ
and she were the daughter of a ROSENBERG nee DROZDOWITZ. That is to say
perhaps your great grandfather's father had a sister who married a
ROSENBERG. In this case both your great grandfather and his wife are
first cousins even though they have different surnames.

Jonathan Goldmacher
New York, NY

I have stumbled across an interesting contradiction, and I
wonder if anyone can shed light onto the situation. It is
my family's belief that my ggparents, Samuel and Sara
DROZDOWITZ, were first cousins. Other evidence confirms
this, including the obituary of her father, whose last name
(DROZDOWITZ) is the same as her husband.

However, we have come across a marriage certificate for
Samuel DROZDOWITZ and Sara ROSENBERG. The dates and places
all match. The only thing which baffles us is her maiden
name. Would it have been a problem in the US in 1891 for
the two spouses to have the same last name? Might she have
given a false name for this reason? Are there other reasons
for this that any of you could think of?


Annemarie Jutel

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