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I am pleased to announce a new web site in my Zchor (Remember!) domain.
It is a virtual page of commemoration of Jewish Musicians in Poland
between the Two World Wars and in the Holocaust.
It is based on the book of Issachar Fater: "Jewish Music in Poland
between the World Wars" Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House Ltd., Tel
Aviv 1992, ISBN 965-02-0060-6

I am very thankful to Mr. Fater for giving me the honor to translate,
extract and post parts of this important book in the Internet.

Nowadays all the world knows about one musician, which appears in the
lexicon of that book many years before he became a legend in a film, and
this is of course Wladislaw Szpilman, "the Pianist", in the well known
film of Roman Polanski. But very few know about his father, the musician
Szmuel Szpilman, perished in ghetto Warsaw, or his uncle, Reuwen Szpilman,
a pious Jew, gifted with many musical talents, born in Ostrowice,
father of 8 musician children and musical grandchildren, murdered in

These were part of a whole world of Jewish musicians, who graced this
earth with their music, classical and traditional Jewish, jazz and
folklore, singing and playing endless instruments, conductors, masters,
violinists, pianists, composers... Unfortunately most of them were not as
fortunate as Wladislaw Szpilman who survived the Holocaust, and their
music as their lives were cut off in the middle of creation and the middle
of life, by the Nazis and their collaborators.

The web site contains the table of contents of the book, 24 names of the
detailed biographies in the book, of the greatest musicians considered by
the author:
Israel, GOLD Henryk, HUBERMAN Bronislaw, KAMINSKI Josef, KIPNIS Menachem,
KON Chanoch (Henech), RUBINSTEIN Artur, SIROTA Gerszon, SLIEP Abraham,
SZERMAN Pinchas, SZLOSBERG Icchak, SZNEUR Mosze, TAUB Rabbi Szaul Jedidja
Eleazar and ZAKS Icchak.
As you can see >from the above list, not all of these musicians were
murdered in the Holocaust. But the book laments the grand Jewish culture
which reached in Poland its highest climax and which was lost, destroyed
by the Germans in the Holocaust.

All these musicians were part of this great spirit, nourished and
developed in Poland in the first half of the 20th century. I have
translated one biography of Marysia (Miriam) Eisenstadt, as a
mirror to the young Jewish Polish generation of great talents and
promise, so cruelly destroyed in the prime of life.

The lexicon itself contains 368 names (a partial list) was compiled by
the author Mr. Issachar Fater >from tens of books about Jewish music,
Jewish Theater and culture and >from tens of Yizkor books, which the author
studied, during 15 years of his life...

The book was originally written and published in Yiddish and recently a
Polish version was also published in Poland.

I have extracted the details about the musician's musical subject of
activity, his years of birth and death if available, his town of birth
and town of main activity. The book itself contains a biography
about each musician.

I hope this memorial web page will help to inspire people to study and
remember the great Jewish-Polish heritage which was and is no more...

Shalom 5763, shalom 5764!

Shana Tova,

Ada Holtzman

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