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Ury Link

Dear Genners,

Stacy Harris wrote:

>>An ancestor's vital record (1891) lists her father's name as Kadish
ISAACS. I can find no such name in any search.
I have also checked Kaddish (which seems more likely to me).
Any English equivalents of Kadish?<<<

my answer is: The male first name Kadish is a Jewish middle age name.
Normal it was used when after a lot of girls , a boy coming and he was
able to said Kadish when his father die. Kadish mean the Jewish
mourner's prayer. In the fifty's was a minister in the Israel government
with the name Kadish Luz (1895 - 1972) and you can find this name beck in
a lot of streets in Israel.
Wishing you all a Shana Tova

Ury Link

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