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Paula Eisenstein Baker

I'm still looking for information about a summer camp called
"Nailand" or "Nayland."

I know now that it was a Yiddish-speaking Workmen's Circle (Arbeter Ring)
camp, and that it existed in Gillette, NJ, >from 1928 until at least 1930.

I've already asked YIVO, the Rutgers archives, the Jewish Historical
Society of MetroWest, and several other NJ historical societies. Someone
else has checked with Workmen's Circle; they have no information.

Does anyone recognize the name of the camp? Is there anyone reading who is
old enough to have gone there?

Any and all leads welcome. Private replies, please, unless they are of
interest to the group. Gmar chatima tova!

Paula Eisenstein Baker
Houston, TX

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