Parnas in Wuerzburg or vicinity? #germany

Alan Ehrlich

I noted >from Ele Toldot (transcribed by Ettlinger and published on the Leo
Beck Institute's web site) that my ancestor, Majer Wuerzburg born in the
late 1500s or early 1600s, had the title "Parnas".

Ele Toldot doesn't provide any further information regarding his origins or
predecessors, nor is there any burial information for him in the Steinheim
Institute's burials data base either; however, he is mentioned on the
Steinheim site in relation to the year 1712 grave (No. 225) in the
Battonnstrasse cemetery, Frankfurt am Main... that of his daughter Hendle
bat Majer Wuerzburg, who was married to Rabbi Binjamin "Wolf" ben
Alexander/Sender Traub.

So, I'd be grateful for any suggestion or information concerning where/how I
might find information about who were the Parnases of Wuerzburg and the
surrounding locations during the 1600s... which I believe includes the
following places: Acholshausen, Allersheim , Aub, Boettigheim, Buetthard,
Eibelstadt, Estenfeld, Fuchsstadt, Gaukoenigshofen, Geroldshausen,
Giebelstadt, Gossmannsdorf, Greussenheim, Hoechberg, Kirchheim,
Oberaltertheim, Randersacker, Reichenberg, Remlingen, Rimpar, Roettingen,
Sommerhausen, Tauberrettersheim, Unteraltertheim, Untereisenheim,
Unterleinach, Veitshoechheim, Winterhausen, Zell. Thank you,

Friendly regards, Alan Ehrlich, Geneva, Switzerland

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