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Charles Vitez <vitez@...>

"M&M Schejtman" <mario_m@...> wrote in message
I have a tombstone >from Radomsko cemetery
in Poland.

Most of the text is straight forward, except
for the date of death.

Does anyone *know* if Taanit Esther (13 Adar)
can also be written as Esther Taanit? I know this
is strange, but these are the words I can read
on the stone,and they are followed by the year
5621 (1861). There are no other word that can
be a date.
It is not unusual to reverse the order in Jiddisch
and refer to the fast as "der Esster tayness"
in speech, but I do not recall such usage
on metzevot. Where was this?

I can email a JPG of the stone.

Thanks for any help

Merav Schejtman-Gilai
Jerusalem Israel

Searching: ZILBERSZAC- Radomsko Poland
HERC- Wloszcowa Poland
NAGLER- Romania?

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