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Mark Halpern <willie46@...>

Dear Maya:

Using the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland searchable database
[go to homepage at and click
Search Database], researchers can only search by surname and/or
town. The indices that make up this database of over 2 million
entries are created in Microsoft Excel and then converted for
addition to the database. Many of these Excel files for indices
created under projects with the Polish State Archives can be
acquired by researchers. For more information on how to qualify
for receipt of an Excel file, please contact me privately.

You are interested in records >from Sniatyn. In 1875, Sniatyn was
a Jewish District town where Jewish vital events were registered
for Sniatyn and nearby towns and villages. Although JRI-Poland is
indexing the records for 87 district towns in eastern Galicia
available through the AGAD Archives in Warsaw, regretfully
Sniatyn records are not included in AGAD's collection. The best
place to identify if records for your ancestral town exist and
where they can be found is Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots
Foundation website at

However, it is always worthwhile to search the JRI-Poland
database as record indices for 60 of the 87 towns in the AGAD
project are included in the online database and Kolomyja is one
of these towns. To only capture records >from eastern Galicia that
are part of the AGAD project, set "Province" to "Ukraine." In the
results for LUWISCH, searched using Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex,
there is the 1875 Kolomyja birth of Josel Zallel son of Dawid
LUWESCH and Hudie SCHNEBALG. This is a possibility and with a few
more clicks, you can order this record >from AGAD through the
JRI-Poland AGAD Order System.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Hello all,

does anybody know of a possibility of
searching JRI-Poland without a surname
or townname? I am trying to find records
for a Joseph Luwisch, born in 1875 in Sniatyn,
Kolomya. As he is not listed under Luwisch,
I would like to check the possibility of a
listing under the mother's maiden name -
which I do not know. entering a specific town
in the main search window only retrieves
records that have this town name in the
entry, but not records found in that town /
branch of archives. It would be most helpful
if I could see the entire Kolomya 1875 BMD
for example, or if searching on first
names was possible.

any ideas? or do I just run the risk of
being inundated with piles of information
impossible to sift through?

thanks to all
Maya Elbaz
Ramat-Gan, Israel

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