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San Diego Jewish Genealogical Society
Sunday, Nov 16, 2003, 1:00 p.m.
Lawrence Jewish Community Center
4126 Executive Drive, San Diego CA (University City)

Basics of Source Citation

Jill Meyer Kle, L.C.S.W., will discuss documentation basics. Scholarly
writing and genealogy both require incorporating standardized
documentation. Jill is a dedicated novice in genealogy but has written
numerous papers in the process of obtaining her graduate degree in social
work and while pursuing post masters training in psychoanalytic
psychotherapy. Currently, Jill is a member of both the San Diego Jewish
Genealogical Society and the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego. In
addition to being on the staff of U.C.S.D. Outpatient Psychiatric
Services she is also developing a private practice.

Realtors have a maxim: location, location, location. For genealogists the
maxim should be document, document, document. Consistent and accurate
documentation helps others, most likely family members, verify that the
information is correct. In addition, citing sources will enable you to
double-check a fact and keep track of both who provided you with the
information and where you obtained it in the first place. This
presentation will give you an overview of the basics of standardized
documentation and how to utilize it to enhance your genealogical

$3.00 fee for non-members that is waived if you join the society at your
first meeting.

Submitted by Ellen Naliboff

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