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I have created the full list of all known me ITKINs >from Belarus,
including records >from jewishgen databases and private trees arrived to me.

You can access this MS word file at

Searching for:
ITKIN - Kolyshki, Vitebsk gubernia; Kharkov
BENIOMENSON - Khislavichi (Mstislav uyezd), Kharkov
BERNSHTAM - Akimovka (Melitopol oblast), Melitopol, Povolzh'e
ALTSHULER - Priazovskoe (Pokrovka)(Melitopol oblast) , Melitopol,
Chausy (Mogilev gubernia)
KANTOR - Polonnoe (Volyn gubernia), Baranovka (Volyn gubernia), Zhitomir

Pavel Bernshtam
email: pavelb@...

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