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I've just returned >from Israel where I attended a ceremony at Yad Vashem
to induct the Polish family that saved my cousin Palter Lopata and three
of his friends during the war into the righteous of the nations as
Polish holocaust rescuers. The ceremony was attended by the Danieluk's
surviving daughter Raisa and her two sons who traveled to Israel >from
Poland. The Danieluks lived in a tiny crossroads of Solniki just
Southeast of Bialystok and very near Zabludow. Some of my Lopata family
members >from Israel and the US attended, as well as the three Israeli
daughters of one of the other survivors. It was one of the most
interesting and moving experiences of my life.

The Danieluks are a Russian Orthodox family. Raisa's parents were
simple poor farmers. They were not political at all, but rather
religious. After the end of the war during Easter 1945, the Danileuk's
and the survivors were having a celebration at the Danieluk home when it
was attacked by members of a small partisan group commanded by "The
Eagle" who was >from Zabludow. According to the Danieluks' "The Eagle"
was later hung, and they told us that his intention was to "mix the
blood of the Jews and the Orthodox", as in killing two birds with one
stone?. Raisa's father, sister, one of the holocaust survivors, and four
others were murdered. Raisa's sons are quite successful. One is an
attorney and the other works for Toyota in Warsaw.

The ceremony was covered by the Israeli TV news, and the print press. We
hired a guide and took the Danieluks on a tour of the stations of the
cross in Jerusalem. It was quite exhausting but very interesting. Along
the way several people recognized the Danieluks >from TV and
congratulated them. After the ceremony we had a party at the home of
one of my relatives in Jerusalem where the conversation was very
emotional, with everyone >from the young members of the family to the
older sharing their feelings about the day. Polish, Hebrew, and English
languages were flowing freely. A very strong bond has been formed
between the Danieluk family, my Lopata relatives, and the family of the
other survivors Israel Bramson.

We're still looking for the son of my survivor relative Palter Lopata.
We think he is living somewhere in Poland. We're also looking for any
relatives of survivor Yizhok Koplinsky, and Moshe Flicker.

Bellow I have a link to a webpage where I have the entire story
including photos of the ceremony at Yad Vashem.

Tilford Bartman

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