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Fellow Researchers:

I am submitting this request for a friend who is working on her husband's

There is a fair amount of published information about Emanuel ROSENWALD,
the German-Jewish merchant who settled in Las Vegas, New Mesico sometime
after 1860. He established a thriving business and started what may have
been the first Jewish congregation in that territory.

Emanuel was a fairly prolific writer and left behind journals and letters
(in German) that describe his experience. An interesting and lesser
explored aspect of his life deals with his arrival in NYC in 1853 and
subsequent migration to Baltimore and then to Virginia. Apparently, his
Baltimore uncles were concerned that his NY unlce would keep him in NY, so
they enticed him to Baltimore. Now, who are these Baltimore uncles? In my
friend's research, the record is not clear. She first assumed that the
Baltimore uncles were of the ROSENWALD clan, but it now appears that they
may have been >from his mother's family - GUTMAN. I have turned up a lot of
information about Joel GUTMAN of Baltimore, an importer and retailer of
silks and other fabrics. Was Joel GUTMAN related to Emanuel ROSENWALD?

Apparently Emanuel did not stay in Baltimore for long. He opened a retail
store in Staunton, VA and sold men's clothing. This store failed after a
year and he moved on to open a business in Richmond, VA. In both places, he
sold clothing made by an H. GOODMAN of Baltimore. Had GUTMAN become GOODMAN
and was the "H" for another unlce or was GOODMAN another family?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Marlene Bishow
Rockville, MD

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