Research help on three prisons #germany

Norbert Weinberg <norofra@...>

I am looking for background information on three prisons under Nazi German
rule. I was given the actual case number (Bestand Rep. 29 Zuchthaus
Brandenburg in der Akte Nr. Do 9 (Bd. 1)) for my father's case in 1935,
when he was arrested by the Nazis in Berlin and sent first to 1) Zuchthaus
(Prison) Brandenburg and then sent to 2) Strafanstalt( Penal Institution)
Berlin-Pl=F6tzensee till 1937. Both prisons were used to hold political
prisoners and also as execution sites.

He was released, went to Austria, and then to Czechoslovakia at the time of
the Anschluss. After the takeover of Czechoslovakia, he was captured again,
and interned in 3)Castle Spilberk ( Spielberg) in Brno, Czechoslovakia (
also reported as a concentration camp for Czech political figures until it
was remodeled in 1939.)

There is some information on these prisons in Wikipedia, but if anyone knows
of more detailed information, especially on daily life in these prisons,
I would appreciate it. Thank you,

Rabbi Dr. Norbert Weinberg, Encino, Calif.

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