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The Jewish personal history discussion group for posting shetl life
stories of your ancestors in the old country and similar for the Sephardic
and Mizrahim is at:

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I'd love to have stories of life in the shetls of Bialystock, Poland and
Volkovysk, Belarus. You see I want to combine my Moroccan Jewish
background (Malka family) with my Bialystock and Volkovysk family
background (Levine, Ain,) with my Romanisha background/Bessarabia
(Herkowitz) with my Lodz background (Tucker)...etc. I created this Yahoo
discussion group (non commercial) to have you freely talk about your
ancestor's life stories in historical times so that we might light a
figurative Yartzeit candle in memory of ancestors that our grandchildren
may have not even heard of yet.

Annejoan Levine

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