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Herbert Lenk <hlenk@...>

I am a new GerSIG member, and this is my first attempt to do family
research in this forum.

According to the French census of Alsatian Jews in 1784, there were 9
Jewish families living in Herxheim (then part of French Alsace, now
Baden-Wuerttemberg) which is near Landau, Rheinpfalz. The heads of these
families were:

ISRAEL, Low (o umlaut)
LEVY, Low (o umlaut)
WOLFF, Jacques
LEVY, Isaac
LOSER (O umlaut), Meyer
LOEW (O umlaut), Samuel
LEVY, Hertz
LOSER (O umlaut), Ezechiel
ISAAC, Alexandre

Hertz LEVY was my g.g.grandfather who was born in Herxheim in 1741 and died
there in 1844 (yes, 103 years old). Does anyone have information about any
of the above named families and their relationship with each other, and
especially about Hertz (also known as Salomon) LEVY, his parents and
siblings? I have more details about Hertz's spouses (1st and 2nd) and
children, but I will wait until another time.

Please reply to hlenk@.... Thank you.

Herbert LENK,
Sarasota, Florida, USA

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