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Sally M. Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

Good luck. Early NY immigration is not indexed. If your family came
before Castle Garden, they basically got off the ship at whatever pier.
There are passenger lists, but, as you note, no indices. There is a
volunteer Ship Passenger List Transcribers' Guild (find it on Cindy's List
or elsewhere)where you might just get lucky! Try it.

There are Hamburg Passenger Lists >from the 1850's, but they might not have
traveled through Hamburg-it is worth a shot though. My German family, from
near Frankfurt, was said to have emigrated through Le Havre-but I never
found any of them. The earliest are on the 1830-46 (I think those are the
years) NY index, you can try that as well unless you are sure they are
later. Of course, if they could have come to Philadelphia or anywhere else
except NYC, try those lists which are indexed.

While you are at the Mormon library, get the German Emigration Lists, the
Baden Emigration Lists, the Alsace Emigration Lists, the Wurttemburg
Emigration Lists and any other that you can find. My gr grandfather was on
the Baden list (1853) although I don't know when he got to the US-I checked
all of NY 1853 and other east coast ports. I have been told that they
might be listed if they even 'passed through' Alsace or somewhere.

Hopefully, you will find them on something-you might find an exact town,
because Frankfurt might have been the "Big City" and they might have
actually lived somewhere around there. Eventually, of course, they will
get back to Regensburg, but not with the Regensburg surname-they left and
got the surname somewhere else.

Sally Bruckheimer
Harrison, NY

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