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Shuman, Carl H

According to the Ellis Island record repository, my grandmother, Sophie
(Shprintze) SCHMUKLER, arrived in the United States in 1906 >from a town
called "Unrewia," Her father, Michel SCHMUKLER, arrived in the United
States in the United States in 1900 >from the town of "Brisk." Both settled
in Philadelphia. I was advised previously that "Brisk" was another name
for "Brest Litovsk." No one, however, has been able to trace the name
"Unrewia." Is there a village near Brest Litovsk that sounds like
"Unrewia" or is this more likely simply a case of the Ellis Island intake
official misunderstanding what my grandmother was saying? Also, I have not
been able to find any information >from the Ellis Island records on the
arrival of my greatgrandmother, Nechama SCHMUKLER, or on my grandmother
Sophie's siblings. Those who emigrated to the United States included her
brothers Morris SCHMUKLER (who apparently changed the spelling of his last
name to SMOOKLER), and Herschel SCMUKLER and her sisters Dora, Sarah, and
Rose. Apparently, the oldest brother, Abraham SCHMUKLER, stayed in Europe
and perished along with his wife and children during the Second World War.
Also, I am told that Herschel left a wife in Europe. Sophie married
Abraham PAUL and settled in Philadelphia. Herschel lived in Burlingon, New
Jersey with his sister Sarah and helped to raise her invalid child, Jakie.
Rose married and settled in Philadelphia and Dora settled in New York. I
am particularly interested in knowing if there is a way to find out what
happened to Abraham and would be pleased to find out more about birth and
marriage records for all of the SCHMUKLERS. I have tried all of the
conventional JewishGen searches that I know about to find out more birth
and marriage information about this side of my family but I have come up
empty. I believe that Nechama's maiden name may have been "BIRENBOIM" or
somthing very close to that. Any help/suggestions would be greatly

Thank you.

Harrisburg, PA

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