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Carol Isaak

I have posted a document in Russian in the hopes someone can help with
translation. It is Viewmate # VM3170.

I believe this is a birth record for Fajga BLACHER - >from the Solec nad
Visla records in the Radom Archives. The only word I can read is the
name Fajga written in Polish. I need help with the rest which is in

You can reach Viewmate at this URL:

The direct link to this document is:

Please reply privately, *not* to the list, news group or the SIG. This is
a request >from the SIG and List Moderators.

Thank you for your help,
Carol Bleecher Isaak

Poland: Radom, Solec, Warsaw, Kielce, Czestochowa, Lodz, Piotrkow...

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