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Dear Group,

I'm posting the following notice on behalf of my synagogue in San Francisco
-- a wonderful little, haimische conservative shul in San Francisco founded
by German/Jewish who were confined to the Shanghai ghetto during WWII
(about which I wrote an article which appeared in Shemot, the JGSGB's
quarterly). As noted below, Dr. Neil Risch (a long-term and highly
respected member of my shul) will be discussing the genetics of Jewish
populations & related genetic diseases, among other issues relevant and of
great potential interest to those interested in the evolution of Jewish
populations, including social & medical issues such as those surrounding
human genetics.

I have no financial interest in Dr. Risch's research, nor in the program
being presented at my synagogue.

Dr. Neil Risch, Professor of Genetics at Stanford University School of
Medicine, will speak on the topic:
A Human Genetic Perspective on Jewish History

Sunday, January 25, 2004 >from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. (free)
at Congregation B’nai Emunah, 3595 Taraval St. @46th Ave., San Francisco.

Dr. Risch is world renowned for his work in human genetics and his work has
been featured in the New York Times and numerous research publications over
the last two years. He is also an adjunct investigator at the Division of
Research, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA. His particular interest is in
the genetics of Jewish populations and Jewish genetic diseases, which will
be the focus of his talk. After providing some background information on
human genetics, Dr. Risch will explain in layperson’s terms the presence
and reasons for genetic diseases observed in the Jewish population, the
origins of the Ashkenazi Jews, and other related issues.

Naidia Woolf
Former >from Birmingham, England
Now living in San Francisco, CA


DROZDIAS (or variants), Karczew, Poland, Preston, England
RAUS (or variants), Karczew, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN (or variants), Karczew, Poland, Preston, England
KUJAWSKI (or variants), Lodz, Poland, Birmingham, England
ISAACS (family of Solomon and Sarah), Poland, town near Warsaw, Birmingham,
SHORN (family of Morris and Yetta), Poland?, London, England

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