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Vivian Kahn

Czechoslovakia didn't exist until after WWI. I think that you're
looking for Alsovereczke (accent on the o), Hungary, which is what this
place was called in 1912 when your grandmother was born.
Alsovereczke was in Bereg megye. According to a presentation that Alex
Dunai made at the conference in Washington, the Ukranian name of the
place formerly called Nizni verecky is now Nyzhni vorota. Any records
that exist are probably in the archives in Uzhgorod, which has been a
very difficult place to access.

Vivian Kahn, H-SIG Coordinator

Subject: Searching for fate of family >from Nizhniye Veretski, CZ
From: "Felicia P. Zieff" <tzippy_chs@...>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 05:27:55 -0600
X-Message-Number: 4

My grandmother, RECHTER, Debora was born in Nizhnye Veretzki,
Czechoslovakia in 1912. Her parents were RECHTER, Jozef and
FISCHER, Rosa. I have been looking for many years for any
information about what happened to her parents and siblings
who were in this town when the Nazis invaded. The Nazis
deported the residents of this town to a death camp in 1944,
but I don't know which one. Before the war, this town was part
of Czechoslovakia, during the war it became part of Hungary,
currently it is in the Ukraine.

What I am specifically looking for are Transport Lists or
other documents that have my great-grandparents and their adult
children's names on them. If these do not exist, then any
documents that state the deportation date and destination of the
residents of this town. I know this is not an easy request.
Any help this group can provide would be most appreciated.
Below is all the information I know about this town.

Felicia P. Zieff
Chicago, IL, USA

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