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Jimena Romero Zaliz <jromero@...>

Hello all!
Thanks to you people I now know that my g-granparent came >from a Uyezd
called Akkerman (or Akerman, Belgorod Dnestrovski, Belgorod
Dnestrovskii, Belgorod Dnestrovskiy, Cetatea Alba, Ir Lavan). This city
is now called Bilhorod-Dnistrovs´kyy in Ukraine near the Black Sea.
So my g-grandfather Meshilem Goldenberg with his wife and two kids came
to Argentina >from Akerman (in Bessarabia region) by ship (they took it
in Bremen).
Now that I located the city I wish I could find some information about
it and how to fing some data there. Can anyone give me a hand on how to?
Apparently there is little information about this city in most databases.
Thanks a lot

Jimena Romero Zaliz
Buenos Aires. Argentina
Zaliz. Goldenberg. Zweibel. Rosman

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