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Beth Galleto

In a Polish marriage certificate I recently had translated, the bride
came >from a town that was translated >from Russian as "Zaremba Kostelno."
This got no recognizable response in Shtetl Seeker, but when I put it
into the All Poland database it gave me a number of documents from
"Zaremby Koscielne" in the Lomza Gubernia. I am pretty sure that this is
the right place because one of the documents appears to be the birth
record of the same woman, whom I think may be my great grandmother!

However, Zaremby Koscielne does not get a recognizable response in
Shtetl Seeker, either. It gives only Czerniewice-Zdroj and Jaranowek
Stary. Could one of these really be Zaremby Koscielne, or is it known by
another name entirely?

Does anyone know where Zaremby Koscielne might be and by what other
names it may be called?

Beth Galleto
Corte Madera, CA

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