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Carlos Glikson

I may add a clarification to the sources quoted, but it does not clear the
conflicting information on when Montefiore was really founded.

"History of the Argentinean Jews" by Ricardo Feierstein, published by
Planeta, Buenos Aires, 1993, mentions

- pg. 102. There is a list for Colonies established between 1905 and 1914.
It includes Montefiore (source: Abraham Gabis, quoted by Jose Liebermann
in "Los judios en Argentina, Editorial Libra, Buenos Aires, 1955).

- pg. 104. Montefiore is mentioned as established in 1902, over an area of
29,075 ha

- pg. 411 The Chronology mentions Montefiore as established in 1902

The sources for info in pg. 104 are an unspecified combination of data from
the Jewish Colonization Association and >from Boleslao Lewin. Apparently,
the dates were taken >from Lewin's work, and the areas in hectares >from JCA
official data.

Lewin's data in page 144 of "Como fue la inmigracion judia en Argentina",
Editorial Plus Ultra, Buenos Aires (second edition, 1983) also mentions

A search on-line for other data did not help in gaining precision, since
data on-line seems to copy the sources already quoted here. There is a
mention to foundation previous to 1908, though, which also contrasts with
the 1912 info in Shalom Argentina - "Tracing Jewish Settlement", the guide
to the colony circuit I mentioned in my original mail yesterday.

For those interested, perhaps the official info may be required at the
Commune of Colonia Montefiore itself. The eMail in official sources is
mentioned as

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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