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Mel Comisarow <melcom@...>

There are memorial books, "Kniga Pamiati" that list Red Army Soldiers
from all over the Soviet Union, who were killed in WWII. These books
usually list the "Soviet Nationality" of the soldier. Russian,
Ukrainian, Jewish, Greek, Bulgarian, Armenian, Georgian, and so on. Even
German. These books were printed by governments. Go to a library search
engine and type in Kniga Pamiati to find the memorial books for the
Dnepropetrovsk region. Also there is a recently published Kniga Pamiati
that lists civilians >from the city of Dnepropetrovsk who were killed in
WWII. There is also a three volume set of Kniga Pamiati, with more
volumes to come, of Jewish Red Army KIAs. This book also lists at least
some people who were killed by the Germans in ghettos. This Jewish Kniga
Pamiati was published by the Jewish War Veterans Association in Moscow.
Once you locate one of these books you have to find a library who will
lend it via interlibrary loan. This is no problem in the US and Canada.
I don't know about elsewhere.

Mel Comisarow

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