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The above URL link to two related documents, first a letter in Yiddish
written in 1931 sent >from Berlin to my ggfather in Chicago. ggfather did
not understand Yiddish. He immigrated in 1891. The second, of which I
have only page 1, is in English and is the only know clue of my Jewish
ancestry. I am hoping that the Yiddish letter will provide more
information. I've been told that it was written by my ggfather's sister
in law, Beile, but that's about all I know or even suspect.

If the above links do not work go to: and view documents VM3197
and VM3198. I've heard >from a distant cousin that this may lead to
learning the identity of a relative lost durint the Holocaust. Based on
the context of the letter in English, this is not hard to understand.
The letter was sent >from Berlin in 1937.

Thanks in advance for any help unraveling this family historymystery.
***Ken Browne clacking the keys in Old Sturbridge Village,Massachusetts***

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