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Irwin B. Margiloff <margiloff@...>

It has occasionally been said that in New York, students'
academic records have to be retained for fifty or sixty
years. Not true.

The basis for retention of such records is Schedule ED-1,
the retention schedule for use by school districts
as specified by the Commissioner of Education pursuant
to Title 8 NYCRR [New York Codes, Rules & Regulations]
Section 185.12; 8 NYCRR Appendix I; and New York State
Education Law Section 207. Page 77 of this
Schedule establishes that students' academic
records are Permanent. Thus they may not be
properly disposed of at all. Such records are
described as ". Cumulative achievement record equivalent
(sometimes known as "Permanent Record Card") for
elementary and secondary school including but
not limited to information on school entry,
withdrawal and graduation, special education
status, subjects taken, grades received >from
examinations, and standardized test results:"

Not only are such records permanent, but records of
any disposal are themselves permanent (p.9).
The following link is to a PDF file of the
schedule >from the NYS Archives.

Irwin Margiloff

Duarte, California

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