JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Trip to Latvia after Jerusalem2004 #general

Barbara Siegel

Dear Latvian researchers,
I would very much like to find out if there is any interest among you in
putting together a research trip to Latvia after the IAJGS International
Jewish Genealogy Conference in Jerusalem July 4-9, 2004.

Some of us have made the trip in the past and are ready for a repeat go,
and for others it could be a first. Planning now just might give us
enough time to contact the Latvian Archives with our informational

Important to note is the fact that, for those coming to the Conference from
North America and other distant sites, the flight time >from Israel to Riga
is relatively short--aprox. 3 hours.

So, please let me hear >from any interested parties.
Barbara Siegel

Searching: FRIEDLANDER,Ventspils,Bausk,Auce; HERTZBERG,Tukums;

MODERATOR NOTE: You might want to check with JewishGen's
Shtetlschleppers to see if they can be of
any assistance or if they are planning to run trips post conference

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