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Alice Josephs

I have just received a lead on my family which I hope will lead

An elderly relative by marriage remembers that a cousin of my great
grandmother called Klara OPPENHEIMER, born HERZ, >from Baden
Wuerttemberg, Germany had relatives who were the KLEINERT family of New

This KLEINERT family (the name the elderly relative came up with was Ira
KLEINERT, but she isn't sure about the first name) ran a well-known
company which manufactured babies' rubber pants. After doing a quick
search on the internet, I think they were at one time a rival to Playtex
and may be one and the same company with KLEINERT'S Inc which recently,
as far as I can ascertain, filed for bankruptcy.

Does anybody know this KLEINERT family? The elderly relative says they
acted as sponsors for Klara born HERZ and her husband Bernhard
OPPENHEIMER to come to New York in the 1940s. This makes me suspect that
the connection is through Anna HERZ (born 1865), Klara's sister and the
only sibling of that family I have been unable to trace. I know that
Anna did emigrate to New York, possibly in the 1880s. However it may, of
course, be another connection.

Alice Josephs

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