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I am researching my father’s lineage, and have come to the proverbial brick wall.
I do not know very much about the Beitchmans and Teitelbaums. My great-grandfather
Abraham BEITCHMAN (b. 15 Sep 1877 in Poland, d. Jun 1955 in Kansas City, MO),
married my great-grandmother Sarah Rebecca TEITELBAUM (b. 2 Feb 1887 in Poland,
d. in Kansas City, MO) Jun 1903 in Poland. Abraham had at least one known sister
Chana (Anna) Frieda Beitchman, who was also Sarah’s mother. Sarah’s father (my
great-great grandfather) was Faivel (Phillip) Yerman Teitelbaum. Sarah had at
least one known brother Benjamin Teitelbaum who married a Sylvia.

Abraham and Sarah had 5 known children: Yetta (Pearl) Edythe Beitchman (my
grandmother) b. Dec 1905, Frances Norma Beitchman b. May 1906, Ruth Ida Beitchman
b. Aug 1909, Maurice Irving Beitchman b. Feb 1913, and Esther Beitchman b. Feb

Pearl married my grandfather Morris Rosenblum, Oct 1926. Pearl died Sep 1965 in
Kansas City, MO.

Frances married a man surnamed ABRAMS.

Ruth married Abraham (Abe) Klopper, Feb 1931. Ruth died Mar 1993 in Omaha, NE.

Maurice married Esther Goldberg, 1934, and Eva Goldman in 1947. Maurice currently
lives in a nursing home.

Esther married Jonathan Stein.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you have any information,
please contact me at mark.rosenblum@......

Thank you!
Mark Rosenblum

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