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Wendygriswold <wendygriswold@...>

Hi, all.

Someone please tell me if I'm hallucinating. I have a recollection of
hearing that there is an archive somewhere (NY?) of photographs taken of
arriving immigrants, as they got off the boat, so it would have some
chronological order to it.

I was not concerned about it at the time because I figured I'd never find
the immigration information on my family, but guess what ... (thank you
again, Steve Morse).

Yes, I would recognize faces, but does such an archive exist?

Many thanks and happy Chanukkah,

Wendy Griswold
Arlington Virginia

Blitz, Pfeiffer - Zhurawno (near Lvov)
Dwass/Davis - Ekaterinoslaw (Dniepropetstrovsk), Ukraine
Einhorn, Wenzelberg - Galicia (Mlynczyska, Catowisce, Ochotnica, Palesnica,
Nowy Sacz, Czarny Dunajec), Chicago, New Jersey
Garfinkel - Witebsk, Belarus

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