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While researching something else, I came across the following website,
which analyzes the internet capability of various countries in Europe and
Russia. <>

In reviewing the information, it becomes clear that most people in these
countries don't have telephones, forget about internet access.

One of the chat programs I use has many participants >from Russia, etc., but
they are mostly young adults, and I suspect their access is through their job.

Hilary Henkin
I have extracted the following figures about telephone density >from the

Albania 1.74%
Belarus 21%
Bosnia 8.9%
Bulgaria 32%
Croatia 31%
Czech Republic 27%
Georgia 10.5%
Hungary 28%
Macedonia 17%
Moldova 14%
Poland 17%
Romania 14%
Russia 17.5%
Slovakia 23%
Slovenia 33%
Ukraine 18%
Yugoslavia 19.7%

The divisor is the population, but assuming that the average household size
is 2 (a conservative estimate) the actual number of phonelines per household
will be double this.

Nick Landau

London, UK
COHNREICH (Anklam, Germany Krajenka, Poland) ATLAS (Wielkie Oczy (near
Lvov/Lemberg), Poland)
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LANDAU/FREDKIN(Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus

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